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Through its project GLOrify, Engro Enfrashare addressed one of the critical problems related to power stability for one of its client by solving for sites uptime SLA, DG as a source of energy, and refueling of DG.

Engro Enfrashare structurally analyzed the set of problematic sites, performed an in-depth diagnosis, and designed a solution which resolved the issue: 90 % of DG sites were converted to GLO.

The Project helped the MNO in reducing its cost of operations, mitigating governance issues, improving business viability, and strengthening the uptime SLAs

fastest b2s rollout

Average time in built-to-suit (b2s) in 2019 was 45 days. Average savings per tower built was PKR 0.8 million.


fastest & lowest cost towers

We are solving a well-defined, meaningful problem that creates value for our customers – the MNOs

construction in difficult terrains


From snowy mountains to sandy desserts, Engro Enfrashare provides excellent coverage in difficult terrain and remote locations – through building B2S towers with the best construction techniques, smooth equipment transportation, and secure storage strategies. 

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continuing cpec


In 2019, Engro Enfrashare set out to provide coverage in remote areas of Pakistan. With its mission to increase connectivity across the country, it took up the challenge to deploy solar powered sites over the Makran Coastal Highway, a 653 km long strip that stretches along Pakistans Arabian Sea Coast from Karachi to Gwadar.

While contributing to the CPEC, the Engro Enfrashare team was able to conquer the roughest of terrains and set up 39 towers sprawled across the beautiful Coastal Highway.

This project is a milestone in the field of Telecom as it opens up new avenues of connectivity & coverage on the Coastal Highway in a sustainable manner.